Harvest of Illusion TidBits

... I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love has always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers
and for a time they seem invincible
but in the end, they always fall ...
Think of it, always.

Mahatma Gandhi
Man can learn nothing except by
going from the known to the unknown.
Claude Bernard
Within you right now
is the power to do the things you never dreamed possible.
This power becomes available to you
just as soon as you can change your beliefs.
Maxwell Maltz, M.D
To arrive at the highest source,
journey through the illusion.
Raise the illusion to higher levels of belief and understanding.
Demonstrate your understanding in increasing increments
until you know the illusion is just that,
and the journey never existed.
You are always at the highest source
and part of it.
You are its perfect unblemished unfoldment and expression.
You are its expression of love.
God is in us all.
God is all of us.
We are God’s idea
inseparable from the thinker.
George C. Wallach
Synchronous occurrences seem separate events conjoined 
from the viewpoint of the observer,
but they are one with their source,
constantly unfolding from it.
Never beginning and never ending,
this manifestation occurs according to the
principle of truth and love.
George C. Wallach
Do not waste your time seeking happiness.
Be happiness.
George C. Wallach