Harvest of Illusion

Harvest of Illusion: A Spiritual Adventure
is best categorized as science fiction with a paranormal spiritual twist. Worked into this tale are characters located where we came from, characters located here and characters located where we’re going when we leave. It’s all woven into a tale of two very different types of aliens interacting with each other and with humans, plus two sensational women – one the most beautiful and the other the scrappiest, a charismatic and gutsy president, love and jealousy, three spiritual dimensions, mental manipulation of matter, UFO’s, teleportation, crop circles, governments, fear of extermination, unusual military defensive weapons, the ecology of the universe, and much, much more. It's a modern, wild, funny, emotional and action-packed adventure couched in just the right amount of science fiction, the paranormal and fantasy for flavor. When it’s over, you’ll have new wonderings about the structure of the universe and the nature of existence.

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A science fiction novel with a unique paranormal spiritual twist.

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