Harvest of Illusion Comments

The Midwest Book Review
James A. Cox, Editor-In-Chief

"... a highly entertaining and enthusiastically recommended novel .... The attention engaging story is about the power of spirituality to transcend the mundane routines that can blind one to infinite possibilities beyond one's immediate life and ordinary physical needs. An open-minded metaphysical story that embraces the concepts of reincarnation and life beyond our own solar system .... an engaging and absorbing narration which is especially recommended .... Harvest of Illusion marks George C. Wallach as a deftly talented and original storyteller of considerable expertise."

Heather Froeschl -- BookReview.com
Highest Rating: Must Read!

"An amazing adventure is available to everyone .... much deeper than the fantasy, science fiction that it seems. The souls of the characters are not strangers to each other....
The underlying lessons are what makes it a must read. You will be guided through realizations about your own soul, your own journey. You will come to understand ... the nature of the spirit, the purpose of being .... the power of ... thought ... the process of mentally healing the physical body .... the nature of death ... the meaning of life."
Heather Froeschl has authored 13 books and is an award winning writer of independent book reviews.

Michele Blood
(MPowerTV.com and Musivation.com)

"... an amazing book. I have been a teacher of metaphysics and spirituality for many years and I am always looking for great books to read, particularly good stories that can lift one up and educate and entertain at the same time. This book by George is all of this and more … YOU MUST read this book. I recommend it with 10 stars."


"Kept me riveted until the very end .... I am still thinking about it."
"... blown away by the wonderful imagination ... and ... unique way of turning the story on its heels and keeping the reader intimately involved and interested."
"I really felt your characters and could see them ... they were very thought provoking..."
"... you are ... ahead of your time ..."
"I am into that book like a second skin."
“... a terrific book -- both fun and stimulating to read, and with a great message."
"... even though you say some of it is science fiction, it all rings true ..."
"For years I have had scattered thoughts about what might be true. Your book brought all of those separate truths into a beautiful, wonderful picture revealing all of the love that we have been born into. How great it is to now know that I have had a part in creating my own lessons. Thank you for bringing me clarity."
"I am blown away by your insights and how much it is bringing everything I have ever read and believed into one great explanation ..."
"Being able to get across metaphysical ideas through the medium of story telling displays an awesome talent."
"... your exciting and oh so soul nourishing book."
"Your book is wonderful."
"... love love it."
"A great read indeed!"
"... a clever, thought provoking, informative and totally creative piece of work."
"There isn't a premise ... that I haven't believed or come to believe or searched ... or have always been interested in."
"I want you to know that your book has really made an impression on me regarding my thinking, regarding my health, regarding the planet we are on and in general just about everything ... seen and unseen."
"I especially enjoyed your philosophical quotes at the back of the book..."
"I am so happy to have the information that you have shared with all of us who search for truth."
"... amazed by your very vivid descriptions and imagination .... I enjoy your style of writing very much .... the passages in your book are quite eloquent ..."
"Engrossing, Diverse, Enlightening -- a must read."
"Thanks for writing it."