Growing Up Comments

“You are an excellent story-teller with a wonderful sense of humor. It isn’t often I find myself laughing aloud while reading. I can’t count how many times it happened. This is an easy read in all the best ways. It is simply delightful.” Joe S. – newspaper publisher, grandfather.

“I have to tell you, I have read a lot of really good books lately and yours is by far the best.” Susan L. – attorney, baby boomer.

“I couldn’t put the book down.” Joe M. – hospitality executive, father.

“It’s hard to read when your eyes are shut from laughing so hard.” Stirley C. – retired, grandmother.

“I loved it. I read the book twice. How easy and conversational the style is. There wasn’t one topic that lost my attention.” Stacey J. – my thirty-something niece.

“Universal growing up . . . it’s like a ride in my ’46 baby-blue Ford.” Robert A. – retired, grandfather.

“A walk down memory lane. I loved your description. Thanks for painting a vivid picture.” Graham R. – insurance executive, grandfather.

“You’ve written a fun-reading book. Humorous and nostalgic. Sure brought back a lot of memories.” Mary B. – homemaker, grandmother.

“You’ve captured the greatest time to grow up.” Les P. – retired, grandfather.

“You have a great ability to turn a phrase, explaining the irony of a situation in just a few key words. This is a great read.” Nancy F. – author, mother.

“Loved everything about the book. Everything brought back a bundle of memories.” Paul M. – banking executive.

“I’m still smiling as I read. Fun, fun, fun.” Lynn S. – homemaker, grandmother.

“It’s soooooooooooooo interesting! It’s fun to learn about that time in America.” Shea K. – my teenage granddaughter.