About the Author

George C. ‘Skip’ Wallach is a retired business lawyer who started out his career as a speech and hearing therapist in the public schools and is the product of a “right-brained” Irish-American mother who was a natural mental healer, and a "left-brained" father who emigrated from Europe into the United States at Ellis Island as a young boy, and then subsequently worked his way through college doing piecework. Dad ultimately settled into a career in radiological medicine, utilizing exacting logic and parameters based on the laws of physics. They each had a great sense of humor, Mom’s free-flowing and Dad’s very dry, but both very perceptive.

That combination, a father steeped in medical tradition and a mother immersed in spiritual healing, somehow produced Skip, a jazz-drumming, Harley-riding lawyer with three university degrees who ultimately took Joseph Campbell's advice and followed his bliss, morphing into an author with the union of spirit, inquiry, examination and humor that sowed the seeds of his unique writing which, so far, has spawned two very different, inventive, inquiring, funny, and perceptive novels.